Goodbye to you.

May 29th, 2013. 10:27a.m.

For the past eleven years, I've spent my days and nights as a member of The Scissors. I can't remember a time where I wasn't living this band. Today, The Scissors have collectively decided to part ways, separating a bond that has withstood some rare successes, difficult situations, and deeply personal relationships.

To say that we have been fortunate and privileged to perform and write together in this band wouldn't do it justice. There's really no words to describe how lucky we've been. How could I sum up everything we've experienced in a few paragraphs? The tours, the shows, the songs, the fights, the passion, the love, the anger, the frustration, the determination, and the absolute power that was this band?

Well, when we started this all those years ago there was nothing but ideas, excitement, and fun. The way it should be. Best friends getting together in the basement with whatever instruments we could get our hands on. We'd piss off our parents and neighbors while we did our best to sing and not look at our hands as they tried to reach the next note. We didn't know what the final outcome would be and we didn't care. There was nothing to lose. We just let it rip and played as loud and as hard as we could.

We were never the biggest band on the block. I wasn't the best singer or guitarist, but we loved playing too much to worry about that. We didn't even care if people liked the songs because we thought they were great. We kept ourselves happy by diving into the songs carelessly and recklessly. There was nothing anyone could do to stop us. The first few years we played out at some local clubs and bars. Each year barreling our way further into the Chicago music scene. Over time the band grew and we started to look at things in a different light. What was once a fun hobby became our full time passion. It became part of our everyday lives.

This past year we put out our best record yet, "Over Your Dead Body." We've been working tirelessly since then to really give you guys everything you love about The Scissors. Each time we'd get a break we'd feel the same excitement we felt when the band started. Unfortunately we weren't immune to setbacks down the road. The ups and downs can really take a toll on you. I'm damn proud that we made it through all of that for this long. Believe me when I tell you, it's not easy. Each of us had to make sacrifices in our personal lives to do this. So, now is the right time to give The Scissors the breather it deserves. As much as we enjoy playing together, we had to step back and look at it objectively. It's been running hard for a very long time. I personally don't want to carry on like an asshole if we can't give it 100% every time we get up on stage. We did all we were supposed to do. In life, you never know what might come at you. You've got to act accordingly.

We have to say thank you to a lot of people. It'd be impossible to hit everyone here. There's too many of you to cover. To our families. You guys never backed down and we love you for it. To our fans. Each one of you that's talked to us over the years about the impact of our music in your lives. We never took you for granted. To Scottie Wojo. It's a huge honor to know that those lyrics are tattoo'd on you for life, bro. To the ones that sacrificed their time to help us grow (techs, photographers, video crews, bosses, merch people, etc.). To Mike Venezia, James Kozar, and Davo for making those slick videos on zero budget. To the promoters that gave a shit when the rest of 'em turned their heads and closed their ears. To every band we've shared the stage with. We enjoyed the comradery and friendly competition. To Matt Allison. I truly learned more about music and life from you than any other person in this "business." You captured our first four albums with more raw power and attitude than I even knew we had in us. To Tom Higgenson, Chris Mason, Dan Monahan, Augie Schmidt, and Wes Kozakowski. You guys always said "yes." To Mikey Weinberg for rallying behind us all these years. To Tom Wagner and Rick Smolke for allowing us to use your space to play our rock n' roll at extreme volumes. To our management team that pushed us hard every day. We learned a great deal. To our sponsors at Ernie Ball, Seymour Duncan, Vator, and Suavecito for putting your brands on our side. To all the past members that fought with us once. We wouldn't have made it far without you. To anyone We've missed. Our memories are sharp. Don't think for a second that we don't hold our time together in the highest regard.

If we could have seen the future, would it change anything for us? Would we still love and live this band the same way we have all these years? Would we still make the same mistakes? Fuck yes we would. Yvonne, Dave, Steve, and I don't regret a single thing we've done. There is no failure here, only time well spent. We are extremely fortunate people to have lived out this dream.

"Viva Las Tijeras." - Darren Kurt Vorel

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